• 5.0 Inch VT050J TFT Module
1.Screen Size: 5.0 inch(Transflective)
2.Dimension (W x H x T): 120.7 x 75.9 x 2.95 mm
3.Active Area: 108.0 x 64.8 mm
4.Resolution: 800x(RGB)x480 (pixels)
5. View angle (U/D/L/R): 55/35/65/65
6.Brightness: 250 cd/m2 TYP
7. Contrast Ratio: 300:1
8.Interface: RGB
9.Option: N.C
Pin No. Symbol I/O Function Note
1 VLED-  P  Cathode pin of backlight.  
2 VLED+  P  Anode pin of backlight.  
3 GND  P  Ground.  
4 VDD  P  Supply voltage(3.3V).  
5-12 R0-R7  I  Red data input.  
13-20 G0-G7  I  Green data input.  
21-28 B0-B7  I  Blue data input.  
29 GND  P  Ground.  
30 PCLK  I  Clock signal. Latching data at the rising edge.  
31 DISP  I  Standby setting for testing, it should be connected
 to VDD in normal operation mode.
 If connected to GND, the IC is in standby mode.
32 HSYNC  I  Horizontal Sync input. Negative polarity.
33 VSYNC  I  Vertical Sync input. Negative polarity.  
34 DE  I  Data input Enable. Active High to enable the data
 input Bus under "DE Mode".
35 NC  -  No connection.  
36 GND  P  Ground.  
37 XR(NC)  A/D  Touch panel Right Glass Terminal.
38 YD(NC)  A/D  Touch panel Bottom Film Terminal.  
39 XL(NC)  A/D  Touch panel Left Glass Terminal.  
40 YU(NC)  A/D  Touch panel Top Film Terminal.
I/O : I: input, O: output, P: power

5.0 Inch VT050J TFT Module